Safety at Lofty Pursuits

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Updated 4/29/2020

​​​​At Lofty Pursuits we value your safety and ability to enjoy our store. We believe that transparency is the best policy at times like this. For the duration, we have implemented the following safety policies. They will be updated if the CDC changes guidelines.

What we are doing for you:

  • Since we are now not allowed seating some of this information is out of date, we've left it up so you'll know what we'll do when things get back towards normal.

  • We have set up a curbside walk up window and drive by pick-up window to minimize contact. This is both to protect you and our staff.

  • When you order on-line for deliver, we are asking if we need to implement more safety measures to protect you or us.

  • When we deliver we will be wearing masks and new gloves, we will be delivering your food on a small sanitized table we will set up near your door, we will back away and call you to get your food. After we get the table we will sanitize it again. The gloves are then disposed of.

  • We have set up our toy, game and puzzle inventory in our windows so you can literally window shop.

  • We are doing pick-up. You can place your order via or by calling 850-521-0091. If you want curbside pick-up, please just call that number when you arrive, and we will go out and bring your food (or toys, or ice cream) to you.

  • We are doing Delivery. To keep our employees employed, we are doing delivery service, just place an order via and we will bring your food (or games or ice cream) to you home. We deliver to about a 5 mile radius. Our web site will calculate if we can deliver. We charge a $2.95 deliver fee and we charge less than we do on Uber Eats, Door Dash or BiteSquad. We're faster too. We are providing contact free delivery. (You will save money if you order using our delivery service, and we have a larger selection of what we can do)

  • We are protecting the candy we make. The candy we make has a lifespan of three to six months. According to the World Heath Origination (WHO) the virus has a life span of not more than 2-3 days. After the candy is bagged and sealed, we are storing our candy for 5 days before putting it out for sale. Keep in mind, when we give out samples, those samples just came from a pot that was cooked at over 270 degrees for more than 15 minutes. It's about as safe as we can get due to the heat. If you don't want a sample, that's ok, we won't be offended. There will be more for us.

  • If you have any questions, please let us know through the Contact Us form.


What we are doing for our staff:

  • We are implementing a way for a way for our staff to continue to receive their paychecks. This will remove any incentive to come in if they get sick.

  • We have trained and re-trained our team to keep up with the current sensitization guidelines. Our staff have gotten refresher instructions on hand washing and minimum intervals for hand-washing. They now have audible alarms to remind them of what to do and when to make sure it is done when it is needed. We want them to say healthy and you as well.

  • Starting 3/14/2020 all employees will have their temperature checked before their shift starts.This is both for their, our and your protection. We are recording these temperatures in case wee see trends.

  • We have a four-stage plan to protect our staff's health and personal well being, in case they or someone they care for becomes ill including checking the temperature for each employee before every shift.

What we are doing for the community:

We are starting to set up a new menu and delivery system, so if you can't go out, we can safely deliver food to you. If needed, in time this could include delivering new, sealed board games and puzzles as part of our food delivery program. We feel we can get this started in 1-2 weeks if it's needed.

We are providing soap and food to our local homeless neighbors. All of the soup kitchens are closed, and people are avoiding everyone, including them, so their hustle is not getting them money. They need help.

Lofty Pursuits is about making people happy, and we feel with the correct preparation we can do this no matter the challenge.


Out of date information that will be used again when we open up for normal business.

  • When you sit at your table you may find things wet. This is ok, we are using a sanitizer that is recommended specifically for viruses. The manufacturer’s instruction says it works best when it air drys. If your table is wet, please allow it time to air dry, it will only take a few minutes at most. The same goes for handles on bathrooms, the front doors, the toilets and bathroom sinks.

  • ** 3/16/2020 We have removed enough tables in our store to keep people two yards apart. The CDC recommended that groups are kept under 50 people. We've reduced our seating to reflect that.

  • **3/16/2020 To ensure that our tables are cleaned between each customer, during counter service we have added flip signs that will tell you if your table has been sanitized. Please flip the sign when you are done with the table to let us know to sanitize it.

  • The same goes for items you may handle. The napkin dispensers, salt and pepper shakers. menus and syrup containers are cleaned, either between each customers seating, or at regular timed intervals, depending on if we are doing table our counter service at that time.

  • You may hear bells, your ears are not ringing. We have implemented audible reminders that tell our staff what sanitization tasks are to be done at that time. We are using a schedule based on when our busy times are, to make sure we clean at the correct time. We are tracking these times and will alter them if needed.

  • Our dishes are washed, and then rinsed with a Quat sanitizer. This is one of the products that is designed to destroy viruses, and is recommended for cleaning dishes in a resturant. According to this manufacturer, this cleaning product. This allows us to be safe, and to avoid filling our landfills with disposables. If you want, you can ask for your meal to be served in one of our to-go containers. Our breakfast to-go containers are actually made of sugar cane waste, and are compostable. We are happy to help either way.

  • You may notice we don’t have some of our toys out. We have removed/are removing toys that come without packaging. As much as we like the lower waste footprint of toys like this, due to an abundance of caution, we are pulling the toys, and storing them for 5-10 days (see the next paragraph) before heat-sealing them in bags and returning them out for public sales. This will make the toys look a little less appealing but will insure they are as safe as we can make them and they will be just as fun to play with.