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Warren Buffett Letter

WB letter

Warren Buffett wrote us to complement our candy making and to make fun of Elon Musk.


A jerk and her painting

Greg paints portraits of various soda jerks and candy makers who've worked for him The collection is on the wall.

Outside Art

Fry Pan Gator Parking Handicapped Parking.

Things Greg made or painted outside our shop.

YouTube silver button award

YouTube Silver Button

We got a silver button for having 100,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel. are you one? Please become one, we are trying to hit 1,000,000 subscribers.

Silent Film Collection

Silent Films

The gloves were worn by Lillian Gish, the lobby card is an original from a Clara Bow film 1925, and the post cards are 1920's original, part of a set of 36. We have the rest of the 36 in storage.

Safety Spoon

Spoon! send in the tick!

I'm really not sure what to type here. It's good we have it, but I hope we never have to use it.

Circus Arts


We are starting to amass a circus arts collection. Our first major piece is a length of cable that Nick Walenda tight-roped across the grand canyon on.

Tom Lehrer Collection

Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer is a comedy musician that has been writing satirical music since the 1950's. We have one of the foremost collections of his memorabilia. 

Yo-Yo Collection

yo-yo collection yo-yo patches

Gregs yo-yo collection is on display with yo-yos ranging from ones you might have had, to one of the rare Flores yo-yos that was the company that later became Duncan and that hosted the first yo-yo contest, was the first yo-yo called a yo-yo and started the first yo-yo craze. In this case you will find yo-yos signed by Tommy Smothers and Mr. Rogers, as well as one from the 1934 worlds fair. There are whistling, jewled and award yo-yos here too as well as a collection of yo-yo award patches.

Lactaid Vending Machine

Lactaid Vending Machine

The only one in the world, people who can't digest Lactate rejoice. It's on the front counter, and the art work was made by Greg himself. He wanted a machine that looked like it was from the 70's with that creepy art on it in three colors.

Frisby Pie tin

Frisby Pie Tin.

This is where it all began. On the campus of Yale, they sold pies in these this, with a 5 cent deposit. The students quickly learned that when thrown they floated and made a great game of catch. Mind you, they were metal, so to warn folks whey were coming they'd yell "Frisby" like in golf you yell "Fore".

Needless to say, these became plastic and the spelling changed, but this rare tin pie plate graces our walls, and yes, we did once play catch with it.



We have three Sousaphone on the wall. This is more storage than display, as they are the primary instruments for the Lofty Pursuits marching band. One is decorated as the Sarlacc pit eating Boba Fett, the other is a rose, and we have a third one that is painted with the Grinch. We call this last one the Dr. Sousaphone.

Haiku Vending Machine

Haiku Vending Machine

Poetry for a quarter. A great thing to have. Each poem has instructions on the back on how to fold it's square sheet into a piece of origami.