Delivery & Pick-up  breakfast, lunch, dinner : 8am till 2 Monday & 8am until 8pm Tuesday to Sunday    Ice cream: Every day 8am to 9pm
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Our menu has changed as we change with what is going on. Click on one of the ordering links on the top of the page to see our current menu. Don't worry, you don't have to order now. We're doing a lot more in many ways than what you can find on this webpage. We hope to get it caught up sometime soon. We have taken down our breakfast menu from here, because we have expanded our on-line menu from what it was.


Ice Cream and PancakesSeven days a week we serve a farm fresh southern brunch as well as our full ice cream and soda fountain service. We have a different menu for each lower on this page.

Check out our brunch menu featuring local ingredients, and our 12 page ice cream menu showcasing the history of the American ice cream tradition. 

We have two menus, The Brunch menu that starts at 8am every day, and the ice cream menu that starts at between 10am and noon depending on the day. Please check our serving hours.

You can even have ice cream with your brunch, while you play with our demo board games or watch us make candy. See you at Lofty.